regeneration system whith oxygen to be slim

Oxy Regeneration

Polyfunctional and multisense tool to revitalize body and mind by shiatsu massage, finger- pressure massage at legs and audio - video therapy

Oxy Slim

Vibration training, oxygen, aromatherapy and color therapy to burn fats, help weight loss, tone up muscles and shape the body. The healthy system to energize body and mind


The infrared sauna equipped with a system to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen during the session. The best for wellness and prevention. Just think that to burn 1 g of fat we need 2 litres of oxygen! An Italian absolute novelty for spas worldwide.Sauna or O2Bar?


chromoterapy oxygen and music

O2 Chromo

Emotion Oxygen, aroma, music and color therapy for a deep relaxation.


Refined multi sense union to energize body by aromatised oxygen and to calm and reduce stress by true musictherapy working on right and left brain hemispheres

Oxy Sensation NEW 2010

Flickering light patterns, aroma-enriched oxygen, shiatsu massage and music. To loose tensions and ensure the mind and body relaxation.

Components: Sensation chair + oxygen mini station O2Smart or O2Fantasy

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Exar designed (ex made up) systems based on oxygen to provide complete relaxation to body and mind, overcoming psycho-physical tensions and toning up muscles. These systems are perfect for centers looking for innovative systems with an already tested quality granting a sure business.