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The only integrated system consisting in 3 autonomous elements: it can be used in one beauty room or in 2-3 beauty rooms at the same time. Multi BiOxy Skin consists in 3 independent components hosted in the same stylish piece of furniture: CLIZIA RF (Face & Body Multipolar Radiofrequency. Customizable programs for face, thighs, arms, female belly and male belly), BIOOXYSKIN (device for face & body oxygen treatments with studied natural cosmetics), CHROMO module (40 LEDs offer 3 programs, studied sequences of coloured lights to relax or reactive body and mind)


Stylish and essential, it is the most comfortable system to enjoy oxygen-enriched air & natural aroma wherever you want. You don’t need to wear any cannula: simply adjust the Medusa sprayers as you prefer, in order to enjoy your fresh oxygen-aroma-enriched air close to the nose, on the skin, or just in the room. Then relax and breathe at your ease. OxyFragrance uses only natural aroma blends and can satisfy 2 users per time.


This beauty medical system offers normobaric oxygen treatments for face and body (Normo Oxy Spray), hyperbaric oxygen treatments for face and body (Hyper Oxy Infusion) and aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation (Oxyaroma). 3 beauty and wellness functions that let you enjoy all the benefits coming from normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen as well, matching each oxygen method with studied natural products


O2los hosts 3 oxygen system in one unit, offering 3 oxygen-based functions joining oxygen to absolutely natural preparations: oxyskin to take care of different skin problems, oxyhair for hair treatment, oxyaroma to relax inhaling aroma-enriched oxygen. To know more about oxyhair look at Oxy Hair, about oxyskin look at Bio Oxy Skin. Important – this is the only beauty system that can be used by two users per time, one enjoying oxyaroma while the other enjoy oxyhair or oxyskin function.lta.


The medical aesthetic integrated oxygen system. It offers hyperbaric oxygen for face and body treatments in a continuous way (Oxygen spray) or in a pulsed way (Oxygen Infusion), photobiomodulation (PBT) with extra super luminous LEDs, vacuum and aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation. 5 functions and 96 studied protocols. The TOP of technology and natural products for and integrated action. It's the best not-invasive method around.


Completely Italian, it is the only sauna worldwide with an integrated system to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen. Legend let us fight toxins (Infrared sauna function) and oxygen lack (aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation function). Thanks to infrareds rays you can sweat three time more cholesterol and fatty acids than what happens into a classic sauna. Sweating we burn Kcal, but to burn 1 gram of fat the body needs 5 litres of Oxygen. Considered that toxins are a lot, while oxygen is a little, breathing aroma-enriched oxygen into LEGEND ensures you the greatest wellness experience.

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