Spraying of oxygen-enriched air & natural aroma. Fresh and reliable wellness for you and your clients.

With OxyFragrance you rejuvenates in 10 minutes smelling a new, fresh quality air: enriched with oxygen and precious natural aroma. For your wellness. For your own safety.


OxyFragrance: three reasons to choose it

Perhaps you do not know but, you lack oxygen.

We live in a chronic condition of oxygen deficiency due to pollution, stress, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and bad diet. And we pay a high price for this: we get older earlier, show a dull complexion, get easily ill, get more free radicals and are always tired. With OxyFragrance thanks to the oxygen enriched air spread in the room you recover energy and concentration.

Wellness flows through the nose like emotions.

Aroma awaken memories and emotions: think about the memory of your grandmother when you feel in the air the smell of handmade biscuits, or the vanilla scent that cheers you up and helps good mood, as confirmed by many studies. OxyFragrance does not offer aseptic air, but pure air to enjoy emotions and feel good thanks to homely and exotic aroma, from cinnamon to ylang-ylang, from orange to lavender. To bring you back to your story and get you dream far places.

Maximum relax, with easiness.

You know well how hardly you can enjoy  something if you are uncomfortably seated or if you have to disconnect from daily activities, your head keeps on working and you cannot feel the moment. Well, the aroma let your thoughts go, stimulating ancient parts of your brain, while the zero gravity seat relieves your body from any muscular tension granting the best comfort. OxyFragrance secret? Easy like breathing and seating. Now you can really take care of yourself.



OxyFragrance Components

Oxygen Generator: not medical device, 6 LPM, 93% Oxygen purity.

Aroma-Station: station where oxygen enriched air becomes fresh aroma-enriched air.

Medusa Sprayers: flexible chromium-plated metal arms studied to spray pure aroma and oxygen enriched air wherever you like.

Aroma Blends: 4 absolutely natural cocktails : Armonia (orange, rose-wood, cinnamon, cloves) to rebalance, Distense (marjoram, orange, lavender, lemon-balm), to relax, Linea (cedar, lavender), to purify, Movi (ylang ylang, cinnamon) to energize.

Zero Gravity Seat: to help the best muscular relaxation.


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