oxygen for skin
Bio Oxy Skin O2los Oxy5Modes

Multifuntional and poli-sensory system to treat face and body skin problems with oxygen and 100% natural cosmetic products dissolved in wheat grass extract.

4 face treatments and 3 body treatments. Effective and short.

Much more than an oxygen infusion device. It offers 3 natural oxygen-based functions: oxygen facials and oxygen body treatments to take care of different skin problems, oxyhair for hair care treatment, oxyaroma to relax breathing aroma-enriched oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen facials and body treatments at 2,2 bar (Oxygen Spray and Oxygen Infusion), vacuum for face and body, photobiomodulation with Extra super luminous LED and aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation. 5 beauty functions and 96 protocols studied for one system. An absolute novelty.

TriO2 Oxy Slim Legend

1 system, 3 functions for face & body treatments. Aboslutely new, TriO2 tightens deeply skin tissue through radiofrequency; reduces cellulite through ultrasounds; enhances local blood flow, revitalizes and drives deeply into the derma pure oxygen and studied natural products thorugh oxygen spray.

Vibration training or another aerobic activity combined with Oxygen (EWOT), Aromatherapy and Color therapy in order to burn fats, help weight loss, tone up and re-shape the body. The system to energize body and mind.


The infrared sauna equipped with a system to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen in 4 tastes during the session. The best for wellness and healthy prevention. Just think that to burn 1 g of fat we need 2 litres of oxygen! Sauna or O2Bar? Both and much more - it is the Italian absolute novelty for spas.


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Exar has invented systems which are based on supplying oxygen, natural plant extracts, chromo-therapy and vibrations to treat skin and whole body. These systems fit perfectly beauty centres’ need to offer their customers new effective treatments.