Just for European Restaurant and Bars: Event 16 JULY 2012 at Milano demo of Boliss & OxyFragrance

Meet us at EXAR Showroom - Via Bruno Buozzi 8, Liscate (Milano) Italy (just 10 minutes from Milano Linate Airport). It will be a free fresh day to discover our cool oxygen-based novelties for your bar & restaurant.
If you attend the event you will receive a useful free gift and if you decide to buy Boliss or OxyFragrance you will receive 250 Euro bonus to help you cover your expense for your trip to Milano.

Oxygen to breathe

the perfect pre-dinner and after dinner.

Oxygen to eat-and-drink

the trendy healthy way that refresh breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner menu!

OxyFragrance Oxygen Bar Boliss

Aroma Station + O2 generator + Medusa Sprayers (flexible chromium-plated metal arms to spray aroma-oxygen-enriched air wherever you like) + 4 Aroma Blends.

Absolutely Italian design / manufacture, OxyFragrance is the most comfortable system to enjoy oxygen-enriched air & natural aroma wherever you want.

You don’t need to wear any cannula: simply adjust the Medusa sprayers as you prefer, to enjoy your oxygen-aroma-enriched air close to the nose, on the skin, or just in the room.

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a cutting-edge system that generates pure oxygen at 93%, ably mixed to aroma blends. Using Exar Oxygen Bar is as easy as breathing. Digital control, massive lacquered wood, pyrex glass and stainless steel - the top of O2 bars. Everything to breathe pure wellness, get relaxed and enjoy with your friends.

System including Boliss Mixer + Boliss holder + Oxygen concentrator. Italian design and manufacture.

System to prepare in 30 seconds oxygen enriched cocktails, transforming every drink and juice in a soft oxygen mousse, with unchanged taste, super light and super pleasant feeling thanks to the oxygen bubbles!

You can boliss (= enrich with oxygen) herbal teas, cool teas, instant coffe, fruit juices, analcoholic cocktails etc. Everything will become soft, golous as a mousse is, but light and healthy as a supplement is. Enjoy it with a spoon and offer it to your clients.

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Exar is leader in systems combined with the supply of oxygen for wellness. Even for hotels there are handy aroma-enriched oxygen units or larger stations that are attractive for new customers and used ones.

And what about entertaining pleasantly people waiting at a Airport's gate or some visitors at a show, an exhibition or an event? Oxygen system by Exar are really an elegant trendy cool solution!


Exar is present all over the world with its oxygen systems.